Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

Our Honest Review of The Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

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Looking for the best toddler sleep sacks? I’m here to give you the 4-1-1 on some of the most popular toddler sleep sacks. I’ve tried them all, and want to share my experience with each sleep sack. If you’ve read my article on ‘the 8 tricks we use to get our kids to sleep ANYWHERE‘ you will know I am a huge fan of sleep sacks. We use sleep sacks with our kids until the bitter end! In my opinion, sleeping sacks for toddlers are a must-have item for babies and toddlers.

We used a sleep sack with our eldest until he was age 3. Even now, at 4.5 he still sleeps with his sleep sack as a snuggle because he’s become attached to it! I was on a mission to find the best sleep sacks for tall toddlers.

Sleep Sacks for Toddlers with Legs

Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

Vaenait Baby Fleece Wearable Blanket

For kids who are walking, having a toddler sleep sack with legs makes it easier to move around. Now, this can be a good or bad thing, depending if you are using the sleep sack to keep your toddler from climbing out of the crib! I know that we quite enjoyed that our youngest son wasn’t able to move too quickly in his full toddler sleep sack as it kept him in his crib longer.

We have the Vaenait baby fleece toddler sleep sack with legs. Let’s be honest, this sleep sack is ADORABLE. And that is 100% the reason why I bought it. Just wait till you see all the other patterns they have too. I mean, PLEASE, I just want them all! I like that the sleep sack is very large and roomy, so it still has the feeling of a blanket and not just ‘pajamas’. My youngest son prefers this sleep sack because he is always GO GO GO and he wants to be able to move freely.

You can buy this sleep sack on Amazon. Compared to some of the other options, this toddler sleep sack is very affordable! It also comes in size large for Age 5-7!!

Alternate Option: Halo Early Walkers Sleep Sack

We do not have this sleep sack but we have several other Halo Brand sleep sacks. I love the fleece material that these sleep sacks are made of. It’s very cozy in winter, and my kids don’t even mind it in the summer months. Our regular Halo brand fleece sleep sack has lasted through two kids and MANY MANY washes. I’ve been really happy with the overall quality of this brand.

This sleep sack has a similar design to the Vaenait brand above. I’m sure it’s just as functional, it’s just not nearly as cute!

Best Winter Sleep Sack for Toddlers

Woolino Toddler Sleeping Bag 

Woolino Toddler Sleep Sack

We live in Canada, where the weather is pretty darn cold for 8 months of the year. Most of our sleep sacks are warm and cozy. Our favorite warm sleep sack for toddlers is the Woolino Brand toddler sleep sack. They have two options, the organic cotton sleep sack and their extra warm merino wool winter sleep sack for toddlers.

This sleep sack has got great length and is big enough to fit even the tallest toddlers. We have the 18-36 month size in organic cotton and I love that this sleep sack will last right to the bitter end. They even make a size 2-4 year old option in the Merino Wool. If you have a toddler or preschool like mine who loves his sleep sack to the bitter end, you will get great value from this brand.

Alternate Option: Merino Kids Winter Sherpa Weight Sleep Bag for Toddlers 

Another great option for the winter months is the Merino Kids Winter Sherpa Sleep Bag for Toddlers. This sack gets great reviews from my mom friends who have purchased it. We tend to keep our house temperature fairly stable so I’ve never felt the need for a super heavy duty sleep sack, but it would be nice if you keep the house a bit colder in the winter.

Best Lightweight Sleep Sack for Toddlers

If you are looking for a summer sleep sack for toddlers, my favorite is the Aden+ Anais muslin sleeping bags. The Muslin material is super lightweight and breathable, it’s great for hot summer days. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are SWEATY at night. I used this sack a lot when my kids were little until they both developed obsessions with their Halo sleep sack (see below).

I love all of the Aden and Anais designs and I’ve got more than my fair share of their muslin blankets in my collection!

Best All Around Sleep Sack for Toddlers

Halo Sleep Sack Toddler

Best Toddler Sleep Sacks

The Halo Sleep Sack is our all-time favorite all-around sleep sack for toddlers. This is the sleep sack that has turned into my kids ‘blankie’ and we have to bring it with us everywhere! There was a point when my son was in preschool that he carried it around with him all day.

The fleece material is great for cold weather, but my kids didn’t seem to mind it in summer either. I could always adjust what my little one was wearing under the sleep sack to keep him warmer or cooler. In the summer months we will just use a onesie or a t-shirt and in the winter months, my kids will wear fleece pajamas.

The Halo Sleep Sacks are affordable and high quality. Ours are going strong for 5 years now!


Do you have a favorite sleep sack for toddlers? Drop me a line in the comments below if you have another suggestion. I would love to check your suggestions out!


Are you looking for the best toddler sleep sacks? I've tried them all and I'm here to report on the best sleeping sacks for toddlers. If you have a tall toddler, you'll want a sleep sack that will last a long time! I will review the best toddler sleep sack for tall kids. Whether you are searching for the best sleep sack for winter or the best sleep sack for summer, I've got your covered with lots of options. Pin this list for later! #toddler #toddlersleep #toddlergear #toddlersleepsack Are you looking for the best toddler sleep sacks? I've tried them all and I've got a head-to-head comparison of the best toddler sleep bags for every season. If you are searching for a winter sleep sack or a summer sleep sack I will cover the best options for your toddler. If you have a tall toddler, I'll cover sleep sacks that come in extra large sizes, even for kids from age 4 to age 7. Pin this list of the best toddler sleep sacs for later! #toddler #toddlersleep #toddlergear