Legoland Beach Retreat

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Review

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LEGOLAND Beach Retreat: Which Legoland hotel is the best?

Looking for the best hotel near LEGOLAND in Florida? We just returned from an AH-MAZING mommy-son trip to LEGOLAND and we loved our stay at LEGOLAND beach retreat. I actually booked the trip last minute and had originally planned to stay in the main LEGOLAND hotel, but by the time I got around to booking, there were no affordable rooms left! At first, I was a bit disappointed but LEGOLAND Beach Retreat was absolutely the best hotel for my son and I’m so glad we ended up staying there!


LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Rooms

This hotel has a unique set-up in that the rooms are small semidetached bungalows set up in pods throughout the property. Each room has one neighbor, and we didn’t hear ours at all throughout the trip. The room itself is very spacious and clean and I LOVED the separate sleeping area for the kids. My son typically goes to bed around 7:30 (even on vacation!) so it was nice to have him curtained off and still be able to do my own thing once he was asleep! Check out my post on the 8 tricks I use to get my kids to sleep on vacation for more tips!

Obviously, being a theme hotel, there were lots of LEGO features throughout the room, including a Duplo set for kids to play with. My son thought EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME the whole time we were there. The room is equipped with all the regular amenities (coffee maker, SO KEY!) and the TV has a good selection of channels and also played the LEGO movie on repeat.

And the beds? They were super comfy! I am always nervous staying in a hotel that the bed is going to be awful but the beds at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat were really nice and I had a relaxing sleep each night.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The main sleeping area for adults
The ‘kids corner’ bunk beds, a trundle bed, and of course LEGO!

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Pods

As I mentioned above, the rooms are oriented in little circular pods and in the center of each pod is a play area/park for the kids. This was SO GENIUS! In the mornings or evenings, I would sit out on the patio with my computer and coffee and be able to watch my son play. I really liked the organization of the rooms this way, it was great to feel like I was actually at a ‘beach retreat’.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The playground in our POD, I’m sitting on my porch for this pic ­čÖé

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Food

OK, so 100% honesty here. LEGOLAND, the LEGOLAND area hotels and pretty much all the restaurants nearby aren’t exactly fine dining. I consider myself a bit of a ‘foodie‘ (in that I ENJOY food) and I knew coming to LEGOLAND I wasn’t going to have a lot of selection. The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat has a breakfast buffet and this was included in my stay. There was a good variety of options for both my son and myself to enjoy. We also ate one night at the Beach Retreat restaurant, which is ‘menu-style’ and had a good selection of classics. We also ate at the main LEGOLAND hotel for dinner (buffet style) and again there were a lot of options but I’m glad I didn’t do the buffet every night. Overall, I don’t think LEGOLAND is going to win any awards for their food but I had no real complaints and was happy to have easy options for my son every day given that I was parenting solo on this trip.


LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Restaurant
LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Dining
Table Entertainment at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat – I loved these touches!
LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Getting ready for the breakfast buffet, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Pool

The Pool at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is REALLY nice. It has a beach entry which is great for little ones and the LEGO floaties are a lot of fun. My son loved ‘building’ with the floaties on the edge of the pool. At Beach Retreat, there is a sand area for the kids to play and my son loved vrooming his cars up and down this area. ┬áFor me, the most pleasant surprise about LEGOLAND Beach Retreat was how relaxing it was!! Sitting by the pool watching my son have a blast I actually felt like I was on vacation! I think this is something that separates Beach Retreat from the main hotel. The main hotel is REALLY BUSY. There are kids running everywhere and its hard to feel relaxed in that chaos. Mind you, the kids are having a BLAST!

By the way, have I told you how much I love Puddle Jumpers for little kids who are learning to swim?! Because they are my favorite! I love how independent my son is in the water with his puddle jumper on. Check out my post on the best toddler floaties for all the details!

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Pool
The beautiful and relaxing pool area at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Lego floaties and we’re having a good time

The Kids Activities

Comparing the two hotels, it does seem that the main hotel has a few more structured activities for kids. Beach retreat has a campfire (we never made it) and there are some character appearances but there aren’t any ‘master builder’ sessions or other activities. That being said, my son was completely exhausted after a day at LEGOLAND followed by hanging around the pool so we certainly weren’t looking for things to do. At the Beach Retreat restaurant, there is a LEGO area for kids to play which was also a great feature for adults to be able to enjoy their meal while the kids play.


LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The LEGO area is busy while the parents eat in peace


LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
A character appearance at the beach retreat restaurant

Proximity to LEGOLAND

The biggest advantage to the main LEGOLAND hotel is the proximity to LEGOLAND. Beach retreat is about a 10-15 minute walk over to the resort. There is a shuttle and we did receive free parking at LEGOLAND so I personally didn’t mind this minor inconvenience. The first day I walked to LEGOLAND with our stroller and the walk was absolutely fine. The second day we were expecting a big rainfall so I took our rental car and it was was simple. For me, having that extra bit of peace and quiet made the short trek to the beach retreat worth it.

How to book a LEGOLAND package?


I love for finding the best deals on hotel stays. They offer both the Beach Retreat and the main hotel and you can add tickets to your stay. You can also check out the Legoland website to compare.

I hope you enjoy your trip to LEGOLAND.  If you are looking for tips for LEGOLAND to make the most of your visit be sure to check out my post! Drop me a line in the comments below if you have any experiences staying at another LEGOLAND hotel!


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