Resort Review: The Finest Resort, Playa Mujeres

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The Finest Resort, Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Looking for the best family-friendly resorts in Mexico? Here is my review of the Finest Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico, which I think is one of the best family-friendly resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean!

Overall Kid-Friendly Rating: A+

We have been to the Finest Resort twice and absolutely love this family-friendly resort! The resort is gorgeous, and despite being super kid-friendly, still feels luxurious for the adults. There are lots of young families at the resort but it never feels chaotic or crowded. We will be returning to this resort again and again because we love it so much! It also has a great kids area including a water park, making it the perfect family-friendly resort.

 Pools: A+

We have to give the pools a huge A+ as this is certainly our favorite place to hang out on our trips to The Finest. There are so many pools at this resort that you can always find a great spot for your family to relax.  There are no issues finding lounge chairs or pool towels at this resort. Having to reserve seats or hoard pool towels is awful, and I have found this to be a huge problem at other resorts. No need to get up early here!

The main pool is heated and is a little busier at times but our favorite spot was the pool by the smoothie bar. The smoothie bar does not serve alcohol so it’s usually a quieter part of the resort and great for the kids. Also, the smoothies are amazing! A healthy option for the kids in between swims.

Finest Resort Mexico

Beach: B

Although the beach is still great at this resort, I am only giving it a “B” because I just don’t think that Mexico has the most beautiful beaches. If you are looking for crystal clear water and white sand, a place like the Exuma Cays in Bahamas or Turks and Caicos might be more up your alley! The beach at The Finest is clean and there are plenty of chairs and loungers to go around. My kids enjoy playing in the sand and there is lots of shade from the umbrellas.

On our last trip, we rented beach toys from Baja Baby Gear and they were amazing! My son had so much fun driving his huge dump truck up and down the beach. I love using baby gear rental services when I travel to all inclusive resorts and it saves so much room in my luggage!

Finest Resort Mexico: Beach

Food: A

The reason we will keep coming back to Finest Resort, again and again, is the high-quality food selection at all the restaurants. There are 10 restaurants at this resort, and each one offers something different (and consistently delicious!) When I read TripAdvisor reviews critiquing the food at Finest I really have to think their expectations must be totally unrealistic! It IS an all-inclusive resort so expecting 5-star foodie dining is just not going to happen! I have been to many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean and I think the Finest Resort really delivers its value here. The food is high quality, tasty, and there is a large selection.

The a la carte restaurants are excellent and are a nice change from the buffet and theme nights. We especially liked Duke’s Lobster House (love their fish selections) and the Asian Restuarant (Try the Lychee Mojito, it is amazing!) Don’t forget that room service is included as well. This is great when the kids are napping and you are stuck in the room.  The little coffee shop at the center of the resort is great for small snacks and was a huge hit with our toddler for the selection of ice cream!

Finest Resort Mexico

Rooms: A+

This resort is beautiful. The rooms are clean and modern and despite it being a very family friendly resort, it still looks and feels quite luxurious! We have always booked the family suite because it has an extra bedroom for the kids to sleep. Although we can make it work in one room having the extra bedroom is SO nice for naps and night time sleep. On our last trip, we even ordered baby gates from this baby gear rental service so that we could keep the kids in their room if they woke up early!

We have never stayed in the upgraded “finest club” rooms. These rooms are actually located in a busier part of the resort and are noisier for naps and early bedtimes. The regular family rooms are set back in the resort in a very quiet spot, so I think that I am quite happy in this location.

Kids Club: A-

The kids club at Finest, much like the rest of the resort is very modern and clean. There are two water park areas, one for the little kids and one for the older kids. Children age 3 and above can be dropped off at the kids club and are supervised by the staff. Children younger than 3 can still play at the kids club but need to be supervised by their parents. I would love to see some all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that cater to young babies. Having an option for drop off of infants/babies with a low staff:child ratio would be amazing!

My son loved playing at the water park and this was a great activity to do a few times throughout the day. It’s nice that is is separate from the other pools so that it can be an “event” and so that the kids aren’t wanting to just play in the splash area all day long. Adults are not allowed on the waterpark equipment and I would love to see this rule changed. My son was just a bit too small for the bigger waterpark and really wanted his dad to be able to take him down the slides.

My son also enjoyed the kids club activities put on by the staff, he did play-doh, made a tie-dye t-shirt and even got to try horseback riding! There are new activities every day and the staff does a good job of keeping the kids entertained.  The children’s shows at night were also cute, my son loved seeing the characters up close! My biggest criticism of the club would be the age cutoff.

Finest Resort Mexico: Kids Club
Great selection of kids activities. My son still loves the shirt he made!

Finest Resort Mexico: Kids Club

How to book:

Whenever I book an all-inclusive vacation I always use either or (Check which one is cheaper!) Both websites are easy to use and reliable. I have had great customer service from both. You can also book directly through the hotel here, however, I find the package deals usually work out to be better valued.


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