Disney Cruise pros and cons

My Ultimate Guide to the Pros and Cons of a Disney Cruise

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We recently returned from a 3-night Bahamas cruise aboard the Disney Dream. Our family had a blast, and it is a trip we will remember for a long time! Coming back though, I was reflecting on my Disney cruise experience and wondered, are Disney Cruises really worth the cost? Let’s not kid ourselves, these trips are expensive! There seems to be no such thing as a discounted Disney cruise or a Disney cruise deal. I found that our trip cost easily 2-3x the cost of other cruises! I’m not sure if all the Disney extras were really worth the inflated price.

At the end of the day, my Disney Cruise advice to others is to wait until your kids are older to splurge on Disney! It seems the best age for a Disney cruise is likely between ages 5-12 when Disney mania is prime, and kids are more independent! Every family is different though and every family values different things on vacation. When I was researching Disney dream cruise reviews I read a lot of blogs and I hope this review of the pros and cons will be helpful to others.  Here is my list of the pros and cons of a Disney Cruise:

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My Disney Cruise Experience


Your Kids Will Have a Good Time

The kids will have a blast. ESPECIALLY if they like Disney Characters. My two sons were 10 months and 3 years old when we went on our cruise. My eldest son does like Star Wars and Mickey but he wasn’t very interested in Princesses or other characters. In fact, he was mostly petrified of them.

R2D2 in the kids club was the highlight for him. He still talks about it months later! Pirate night was also great fun! (Don’t forget to bring a pirate costume!)  I don’t think it’s possible for a kid to have a bad time on the Disney cruise. The staff will certainly bend over backward to put a smile on your child’s face. Oh, and did I mention? Unlimited ice cream = guaranteed good time.

Disney Cruise Child Care

HUGE pro: They have child minding for children under age 3! This one is HUGE. This is basically the entire reason I booked the cruise and it is something we took advantage of. Of note, this service does cost extra (for under age 3), but given the price of the cruise, it was small in comparison. The ladies at the Small World Nursery were experienced with babies and infants. I never worried at all when I dropped off my son.

My older son who was 3 was also allowed to attend the small world nursery and I much preferred the individualized attention he got there. We left our infant at the nursery when we went to Castaway Cay and enjoyed the stay with our other son. We also booked one night at Remy and it was great to leave the kids then.

Check out all my tips for bringing a baby on a Disney cruise here!

The pros and cons of a disney cruise

The staff love kids!

The staff are wonderful and cater to children. Every single staff on the Disney cruise, right down to the housekeepers are good with kids. Clearly, it’s in the job requirement. The servers in the restaurants go out of their way to win over your little ones. Our server had jokes, paper airplanes, and other games ready for my three-year-old at every meal. This extra mile service was definitely appreciated when my son was a bit grumpy and the servers worked hard to cheer him up.

Disney’s Remy Restaurant is the best!

The adults-only restaurants are amazing, seriously AMAZING! We booked one night at Remy and it was literally the best meal I have ever had in my entire life. We are not novice diners either. The service was exceptional, the food delicious and the wine pairings were great as well. Again, this was another (significant) added cost, and although it was worth every penny did make me think twice about the whole cost of the cruise.

Pros and cons of Disney cruise

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They aren’t cheap!

This is obviously the biggest drawback to the cruise. I spent more on this 3-night vacation than I would normally spend on 7 nights at an all-inclusive resort. I have only been on one other cruise line, NCL, and I went on it without kids, so I don’t have a great comparison to other cruises. It’s worth saying that I found my NCL cruise to be of similar quality in terms of service, food, and amenities. The only thing missing was the “Disney-ness”

I haven’t been on a Royal Carribean cruise, but I’ve heard from many friends that they are also great for kids! We may just have to try this cruise line next.

There are lines everywhere.

If you want to meet a character on a Disney cruise expect to get in line. This drove me CRAZY. I do not understand why they don’t have at least one meal where the characters walk around freely and come to your table. I am sure that the reason is so that you can pay more $$ later to buy the professional photos with the character.

Although getting on and off the cruise at the various ports went better than expected, I still can’t shake that feeling of being herded on a cruise. I’m not the only one who has had concerns about lines on the Disney cruise either. This is a definite drawback of cruising in general.

Wondering whether to book a Disney cruise? Read my unbiased review of our 3-night cruise aboard the Disney Dream here to help you with your planning. A list of pros and cons of a Disney Cruise. #disney #disneycruise #disneycruiseline #disneycruisebahamas #disneycruisetoddlers #disneycruisebaby #disneytips #disneycruisetips #disneydream #disneydreamreviews

The food at the main restaurants is ok.

I really wasn’t that impressed with the Disney cruise dining options. The breakfast buffet was quite good, but I found the dinners at the sit-down restaurants to be only ok. The food felt a bit like cafeteria food. It was clearly pre-made for mass serving, as evidenced by the fact it took 20 minutes for them to actually make the pureed food for my infant son.

Perhaps it was related to my expectations because everyone I knew RAVED about the food on the Disney cruise. It was definitely not anything special to me.  I prefer a nice buffet at an all-inclusive any day!

One thing I will note, that I have heard from several of my mom friends, is that Disney does a great job with food allergies. Certainly, this attention to detail is paramount when you have a child with an allergy, so that’s a huge plus. Check out Smart Mouse Travel’s Disney Cruise Food Allergy Guide. She has some great tips!

The pool is RIDICULOUSLY crowded.

There are two small Mickey Shaped pools on the main deck. The kids are crammed into these pools like sardines. Literally. Kids who could normally swim had to wear lifejackets in the deep pool because there was no room to hold onto the edge. Of course, the kids really didn’t seem to care. They were all having a blast! I found it less pleasant for the adults trying to watch their little ones though. I’ve heard from some others who have read this blog that the crowds are much less on longer cruises. So if you are looking for a quieter cruise, choose a longer cruise, and consider a destination less popular with young families.

The adults-only pool, which we lounged at when the kids were at the kids club was much more relaxing. I at least appreciated that there was a quieter place to sneak off too and escape the chaos of the main pool area.

Pros and cons of disney cruise: crowded pool
How many kids can we fit in a pool?

So, are they worth it?

Overall, Disney Cruises are a nice splurge, especially if your kids (and you) LOVE Disney. We are just starting to get into the Disney Movies, Walt Disney, and all the Disney Magic in our house. When my kids are older, and will really enjoy the kids club more I may book again and take advantage of the R&R for me and my hubby. For now, I think that Disney doesn’t offer quite enough to make me convinced it’s worth the $$$ again.

What do you think? What did you love about your cruise? Do you have a Disney Dream review? I welcome all your comments below!

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Wondering whether to book a Disney cruise? Read my unbiased review of our 3-night cruise aboard the Disney Dream here to help you with your planning. A list of pros and cons of a Disney Cruise. #disney #disneycruise #disneycruiseline #disneycruisebahamas #disneycruisetoddlers #disneycruisebaby #disneytips #disneycruisetips #disneydream #disneydreamreviewsWondering whether to book a Disney cruise? Read my unbiased review of our 3-night cruise aboard the Disney Dream here to help you with your planning. A list of pros and cons of a Disney Cruise. #disney #disneycruise #disneycruiseline #disneycruisebahamas #disneycruisetoddlers #disneycruisebaby #disneytips #disneycruisetips #disneydream #disneydreamreviews

4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Guide to the Pros and Cons of a Disney Cruise”

  1. Hi! Loved reading you post! We have been on 3 Disney cruises and one Carvial cruise. We have a 10 year old boy and an 11 year old girl. We purposely waited until they were 7 and 8 to try a Disney Cruise. I’m so glad we did because if not, my feelings would be identical to yours. Seriously, you’ll be back in a few years and you’ll enjoy it SO much more (and your kids will too)!
    Also, you get a little more value with the longer cruises and it’s even more relaxing.

    1. Thanks Sara! Yes I definitely think I will go back when my kids are older and can really take advantage of all things Disney! I’ve heard that the repositioning cruises are actually the best value, might consider that in a few years! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. We leave for our 5th cruise on Friday and our first one was when my kids were 10 months and 3 years and we have gone every year since. As they get older they are mush more enjoyable, but we have done 2 Carnival cruises and they just don’t have the same feel as Disney. With Carnival I felt like they were better for either college kids or retired aged people that like to gamble. Disney cruises are worth the money to me because I know my kids will have fun at the kids camps while we can do adult stuff around the ship. As far as lines, the longer cruises have characters that just walk around the ship and there aren’t usually lines for them. Also, when your kids are in the camps, the characters go in and play with them which makes it much more personal than Disney World. Helping Peter Pan find his shadow, hula dancing with Stitch, or learning to be a super hero with Captain America. We have also been to Disney World 5 times and it is so much fun but not half as relaxing as the cruise.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the detailed response! I think a longer cruise sounds great!!! I’ve heard that really helps with the lines. Glad you enjoyed your ???? cruise!!!

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