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Legoland Tips: Make the most of your legoland visit

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The Ultimate List of LEGOLAND Tips

We had such as blast on our epic mommy-son date to Legoland Florida! This place is perfect for any LEGO lover, and they have lots of great details for parents too! I wanted to share all of my favorite Legoland tips, including the best rides at LEGOLAND for young kids, the best places to eat, and where to stay near LEGOLAND. We had such a blast, we will definitely back again soon.

LEGOLAND is a great vacation for kids who love building and using their imagination. I love that LEGO encourages creativity and problem-solving so I’m happy to encourage this obsession as much as possible!

Where to Stay near LEGOLAND

If you are planning to do a trip to LEGOLAND, staying at one of the LEGO-themed resorts is the icing on the cake. The hotels themselves are jam-packed with fun activities for kids that you may not even want to leave. There are two choices for LEGOLAND hotels: The Legoland Hotel and Legoland Beach Retreat.

Mostly because I procrastinated and booked our trip late, we ended up staying at the LEGOLAND Florida Beach Retreat. I was worried it wouldn’t be as awesome as the main hotel and I WAS SO WRONG! Having spent time at both hotels during the trip I would always book the Beach Retreat again when I go back.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The Beach Retreat Rooms

Hop on over to my full review of LEGOLAND beach retreat. If you want just the highlights, I’ve included them below!


Beach Retreat Pros:

  1. Quieter! The Legoland hotel is pretty wild with kids running everywhere. Beach retreat feels like a peaceful oasis. I forgot I was at a theme park and actually felt quite relaxed.
  2. Great room setup. The rooms are perfect with a separate area for kids and adults. There is also a playground for kids in the middle of each ‘pod’ of rooms so you can sip your morning coffee and watch your kiddo from your porch.
  3. Restaurant: LEGOLAND is clearly not a foodie haven but I thought the breakfast buffet offered a lot of selection to please adults and kids. The restaurant was organized and there weren’t a lot of lines. There is a play area where kids can play (LEGO, of course!) while the parents finish their meals. I thought this was a really nice touch!
  4. AHHHmazing pool! The pool area at the beach retreat is awesome. The lego floaties are so much fun and my son loved the sand area for playing with his diggers and toy cars. The water was warm and I really enjoyed being able to relax with my son always in clear sight. It was basically empty too! Score!
LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Our LEGOLAND beach retreat room
LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
The quiet and peaceful pool at Legoland Beach Retreat

Legoland Florida Resort Hotel Pros:

  1. Closer to LEGOLAND. We walked from Beach retreat to Legoland on our first day and it took 15 minutes. There is also a shuttle. The LEGO hotel is literally right next to the entrance to the park. Very convenient!
  2. More activities: There are more activities at the Legoland hotel for avid fans. There are builder workshops, more character meet and greets and nightly entertainment. Beach retreat has campfires with s’mores but has less in the early evenings.
  3. More LEGO! The lobby of the LEGOLAND hotel has huge pits full of LEGO for kids to play in. It is pretty awesome! We would head over to the main hotel before we went to the park to play here for a bit each morning.
  4. Buffet Dinner: The LEGOLAND hotel has a buffet dinner which some might prefer over the menu style at the beach retreat. Of course, regardless of where you are staying, you can always eat at either restaurant.


The Best Rides at Legoland

My son is only 3 years old and just above 36 inches so he wasn’t tall enough to go on any of the coasters at LEGOLAND. There is a huge variety of rides at LEGOLAND and there were still LOTS of options for his age group. We went on EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!

Our favorites?

Merlin’s Challenge

Quest for Chi

LEGO Ninjago

The Ninjago Ride is an interactive 3D ride!

Ford Jr. Driving School

Boating School

Another thing that I loved about LEGOLAND was that there were LEGO stations attached to all the lines for the rides so kids could play while you wait. We went in September and there were NO lines on any rides. We literally waited no more than 5 minutes for any ride.




I wasn’t sure if the LEGOLAND Water Park was going to be worth it because my son isn’t tall enough for any water slides at this time. I am SOOO glad we booked tickets to this part of the park!

First, the ‘build a boat station’ literally entertained my son for 60 minutes straight. It was probably his favorite part of the whole park.

There is a toddler/preschool area where younger kids can do mini slides and my son also loved this area. It wasn’t too busy so my son felt more confident going up and down the slides.

The wave pool was SOO MUCH FUN and again my son just couldn’t get enough. There are life jackets available for free and my son loved bobbing up and down in the waves (for me it was less fun haha!)

We also checked out the lazy river (complete with lego shaped floaties) and the Water Park area.

Where to eat

We ate only at LEGOLAND and the hotel restaurants during our 3-night stay. My son and I were there to enjoy the park and I didn’t want to complicate things with traveling outside the resort to eat.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Character Meet and Greet at the Beach Retreat Restaurant

Our favorite places were:


As I mentioned above the LEGOLAND hotel does a dinner buffet which I always find nice when traveling with picky kids. In general, the food at LEGOLAND is pretty typical ‘theme park food’, so I can’t say I would ever rave about the food on this trip.

The dinner buffet has a wide selection and lots of kid-friendly options. It certainly did the trick and my son was very happy to have jello and fruit for dessert!

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

Beach retreat has a buffet breakfast and a menu style dinner. Breakfast was included in my stay and we ate at the restaurant for dinner one night. I liked the LEGO station that the kids could play at while the grown ups ate their food. The prices were reasonable and I preferred the food here to that of the buffet. Again, the choices were pretty typical ‘American Favourites’.

Pasta and Pizza Buffet

Inside LEGOLAND itself, we ate at the Pasta and Pizza buffet both days. Kids 3 and under eat FREE at this buffet!! My son ate more than me so I thought we got a great deal!!

How to book a LEGOLAND Package?

I love for finding the best deals on hotel stays. They offer both the Beach Retreat and the main hotel and you can add on tickets to your stay. You can also check out the Legoland website to compare.





The ultimate list of LEGOLAND tips! I wanted to share all of my favorite Legoland tips, including the best rides at LEGOLAND for young kids. #legoland #legolandtips #legolandflorida #legolandfloridatips #legolandbeachretreat #legolandrides The ultimate list of LEGOLAND tips! I wanted to share all of my favorite Legoland tips, including the best rides at LEGOLAND for young kids. #legoland #legolandtips #legolandflorida #legolandfloridatips #legolandbeachretreat #legolandrides


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  1. I’ve only been to legoland California but I think it’s better than disney for the three and under crowd. There are so many toddler-friendly rides and it is far less overwhelming. It sounds like the Florida legoland is the same, which is awesome to hear! I’ll check it out next time we are in Florida.

    1. Yes! We haven’t done Disney yet but holding out for the kids to be a bit older! Would love to check out the Legoland in California sometime too 🙂

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